All About That Album: Meghan Trainor's "Title"

So I have a major girl crush on Meghan Trainor and I don't care who knows it. Like can we be friends? Let's hang out sometime and talk about boyz.

But right now I want to talk about girlfriend's new album, "Title", because it's one of those that I can listen to the whole way through and you know that doesn't happen too often. Also the packaging on this is spot on y'all it's bright and happy and the colors of the case look so kewt with my blog mmk? On the real though, "Title" is a slick little album and it's really really great. Meghan combines so many musical styles and the sound is unlike anything out there right now, and I can't even start on her songwriting because I'm obsessed with it.

Probably the biggest takeaway I got from "Title" is that Meghan Trainor is actually every college girl in America. Like really though. Just listen to the tracks "3am" (bc drunk texting) and "Walkashame" (self explanatory) and you'll get what I'm saying. Because what girl hasn't thought to herself at one point, "I know it's so wrong, somebody take away my phone, 'cause I've been drinking all night long"? (Actually probably me but that's a whole different story). And speaking of lyrics, hers are straight up saucy. When I heard "I taught him everything, now he can last for hours" ("Credit") I think my jaw might have hit the floor of my car. That song is so good though like the background singing and the rap I just groove so hard to it. It's simple and bouncy but when you listen to the lyrics she's serving up sass on a platter. I also groove so bad to "Bang Dem Sticks", aka the most serious of bangerz. Like this song is actually all about that bass.

But Meghan can also do sweet so so well, and there are a bunch of beautiful ballads on "Title" that I really love. My favorite of them is the doo-wop dream "What If I". It sounds like something that could have been on Ariana Grande's first album, which is 100% not a bad thing. I also really like "Close Your Eyes", which was also on Meghan's EP, also called "Title", which was kind of confusing but kind of OK because I already knew I'd love four songs on her album because I loved her EP. 

Also can we just take a second to recognize the fact that girlfriend executive produced this album and co-wrote every single song on it? Like when I saw that on the jacket I kind of freaked because that is ridiculous and a totally awesome thing. I think part of the reason I like Meghan so much is because she can kind of do it all, which is something I really aspire to. I want to learn to use the software and make the music like she does. To be able to just whip up a pretty full song by yourself? #Goals.

Have y'all listened to "Title" yet? What's your favorite song? Favorite sass-buster? Let me know!

xo, HB

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  1. Ugh obsessed! Also I would like to recieve some drunk texts from little miss Hannah lololol I can only imagine what they would say