Happy Grammys!

Happy Grammys y'all!

First things first, we gotta talk fashion! I love the Grammy red carpet because anything goes, from angel wings (hai Katy Perry) to almost nothing (sup Lil' Kim). Grammy fashion is fun and fresh, but always glamorous. After all, it is music's biggest night!

I have to say right off that no one really blew me away this year. There wasn't a super standout moment, but there also wasn't a total crazy moment either. It was all kind of in between. Mostly good, some not good, but overall nothing too nuts. The closest anyone came to *omg* was Rihanna, who was actually one of my favorites bc I have a real thing for a good princess dress. Other faves for me were Miley, Jhene Aiko, Bonnie McKee for her 90s vibe, and obvs my girl Tay, whom I cannot recall ever having a bad red carpet moment. Seriously y'all, I can't wait to be right there with them wearing a dress with more sparkles than a toddler beauty pageant. Also wanna shout to Lady Gaga for looking like a total bomb. I gotta say I'm really liking the Hollywood glamour thing she's been doing lately.

But since the Grammys have lately been all about performances, that's what we're gonna focus on. I am a massive fan of AC/DC and died over their rock and roll opener, but my favorite performance was actually Ed Sheeran/Herbie Hancock/Questlove/John Mayer's pink guitar. It was a beautiful thing, like Ed's voice is just phenom and 'Thinking Out Loud' is a really gorgeous song. Combine that with John's guitar playing and Herbie on the piano and you got a jam sesh I would happily have listened to for about ten more minutes. I also really appreciated Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga because it was so cool to see how much talent Gaga actually has. Like girlfriend knows what she's doing in the vocal department. And just for a second I needt to talk about how hard Annie Lennox slayed and her fab sequined top. Seriously though, that lady is iconic and as fierce as they come.

As far as Sia goes, I was really hoping she might actually turn around during this one, but she didn't but I wasn't even mad bc Maddie and Kristen owned it so hard. Maddie is crazy talented, as one would know from watching countless episodes of Dance Moms, and I was pleasantly surprised and kind of awed by Kristen Wiig's commitment and really well done job. Another beautiful little gem was Brandy Clark's performance of 'Hold My Hand', which is an absolutely gorgeous song that I recommend you all go listen to immediately. A quiet country moment that made a lot of noise, in my opinion. And I def was not expecting to like the Rihanna/Kanye/Paul performance as much as I did but I was diggin it and Rihanna is seriously a bad betch like she was all "four five seconds to try me" and I was all "omg don't worry Ri I won't I promise" while cowering into my couch cushions. So yeah it was cool.

And how did I almost forget about Miranda Lambert?! Hold on bc she straight slayed. Like everything about her performance was it and did y'all see her facials? Like everyone can go home now that Miranda is done performing. Thank you and good night.

P.S. I'm not even gonna say a darn thing about the awards themselves because if you win a Grammy you freaking deserve one. HB out y'all.

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  1. Did you see any of the tweets saying stuff like kayne is so amazing for helping blow up Paul's career?! Uhhhh come on America