KP Killed It and You Know It, Clap Your Hands

Ehmagerddd can you even? I can't bc KP absolutely killed it tonight! Like you could just tell from the moment she stepped out on that liger that there was just a fire in her eyes and she was there to bring it. And bring it she did because girlfriend was seriously magnetic. She hit everything in such a rock solid way and her voice was on point. The whole show was just pure Katy, although Lenny was rocking (albeit for five seconds) and Missy slayed the place up. The performance flowed super well, we got the costume changes KP is known for, and the special effects were so ace (dancing sharks ftw). I have to say that my favorite segment was Teenage Dream/California Gurls, because that album is cotton candy to the ears and those songs are kryptonite to sugar girls like myself But I think my favorite part overall was Katy's incredible passion. Girl knew she was killing it and she was having the time of her life. How inspiring is that? (Side note: if you need a little inspiration go check out my girl's movie on Netflix bc it will straight do it to ya). I just love stuff like this because there are so many ways to do it! Like yes, Beyoncé shut the freaking power down last year, but Katy werked her own way and owned every second of it. There's a flavor for everyone, you know? Every performer is different, and that's what makes music so magical. And since I can't get enough, here's KP doing her thing the way only she can.