In Concert: Kacey Musgraves aka Sugar Spice

As a professional music lover, I am naturally a huge fan of concerts. Actually, I love live music of all kinds, in all places! And last night I was able to see one of my fave country girls, Kacey Musgraves, in concert for the first time in this cool venue called the Town Ballroom. I've been a fan of Kacey every since I first heard her debut single 'Merry Go Round' Idek how many years ago, and her debut album is a country delight. (If y'all haven't heard it, go Spotify that baby right now). I always lurv watching Kacey perform on awards shows and such (partly bc her outfits are the actual cutest), so I was super excited to see her live.

Her vibe as a performer is pretty much, to me, what comes across on her album, which is 100% not a bad thing. She seems like a very chill lady, and she was super calm when she first came out. Like not in a 'I'm bored' way, more like a 'I'm totally enjoying what's going down but you can't totally tell' way. She was super into the slower songs and feeling the music is obvs a cool thing. Gotta give her major sass points though bc she really brought it on the twangers. Girl knows how to shade (like when she did her version of 'Mama's Broken Heart' and cut people with her eyeballs). I've always thought that Kacey has such a pretty voice, and she does live too! Her vocals were super impressive. Lots of feeling, lots of love, and a little bit of sugar.

Also I just need a minute to talk about how country fabulous Kacey consistently looks. Like she wears classic country staples (fringe, boots) in a totally new way and I really really love it. Doesn't stop at clothes though, bc her neon cactus set was just *perf*. And ever since se performed at the Grammys in hose light up cowboy boots I kind of died over them and then she wore them last night and I lives again because they are ridiculous and I need then. Props to her band for their light up jackets lookin like twinkling stars all night long.

I have I say though that my experience was semi-tarnished by some dudes in the crowd who thought it was cool to keep screaming out random and non-respectful things over and over again. Like we get it the first time ok? But let me tell you Miss Kacey put them in their place so hard and I loved her for it. Overall, girlfriend did a great job and it was a good time. Shoutout to her opener John and Jacob, who were pretty darn good themselves. A very classy bunch. And if you haven't heard Kacey's new single 'Biscuits' yet, you should go listen to that too bc it's twang city. Here ya go. Until next time!

xo, HB