March Playlist

Untitled #246

It's almost spring! Excuse me for a minute while I run outside to smell the grass. Anyway, here's what music I've been digging recently! Rather than put the entire 50 Shades soundtrack on here, I stuck to one track, although "Earned It" and "Love Me Like You Do" are on repeat for me for sure. I was also feeling a little nostalgic the other day, so there's some old school Dixie Chicks for ya. And if you haven't already, go listen to Tori Kelly sing anything, because her voice is nuts. Actually I'll just do it for you- here's a link to her version of "P.Y.T.". Mind blown yet? Also, high five if you can guess what totally obvious movie inspired me when I was doing the graphics for this- what can I say? I'm a sucker for a Cinderella story!

xo, HB 

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