Adventures in Co-Writing

Fun fact: I've been writing songs for years but had never co-written with anyone until a few weeks ago. If I'm being honest, I had always been nervous about the concept of co-writing. I know that it's a huge part of songwriting and so many ridiculously good songs are products of co-writes, but I was still nervous. Because when you think about it, or maybe it's just the way I thought about it, you're going in there and basically baring your soul to someone you might not know all that well. What if they didn't like my ideas? What if I couldn't come up with anything good? What if we didn't get along? All thoughts that were going through my head.

But guess what? My worries were for nothing. Like literally nothing because the writer I got paired with is cool as heck. Thank goodness we like each other (or at least I hope she likes me..anXiETy) because it makes writing so much better! We're working on some country jams and life is great. It was definitely a little weird at first, like "I don't know you at all and we're supposed to write a song together"...but once we got to know each other it totally clicked.

Now that I'm writing this it kind of sounds like I'm talking about dating. But I can also kind of compare it to a group project at school. When you don't work well with your group members, things aren't so hot and you end up with a mediocre project or maybe even no project at all. But when you work together and feed ideas to each other, it's so so fun and you could come up with something great! I guess it really is like dating also in a way, because I'm sure there are some writers it might not work out with but there are definitely some I will probably fall in love with. And by that I mean write a fancy-tastic song that hopefully gets stuck in lots of people's noggins.

But seriously though now I want to write with everyone. Give me more!

xo, HB

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