Angels in My Ears: Zac Brown Band in Concert

Hlp guys I'm in a musically induced coma and ZBB put me there. Like those guys are so talented I literally can't handle it.

I'll confess; I don't really listen to ZBB aside from what I hear on the radio. But I saw them in concert last year for the first time and it was one of the absolute best shows I had ever seen. Like they played "Enter Sandman" in glow in the dark skeleton suits. Prior to their show last night I was all, "what could top that???". Turns out the answer is a mega jam sesh and a whole lot of confetti (see below).

First though I just need to start off with their cover of "Devil Went Down to Georgia" because that
song gives me life and I think the whole audience felt the same way as I did tbh because that place lit up when that song started. Like lit. up. It was straight up nuts in there. It was pretty nuts the whole time though honestly because the Jekyll + Hyde Tour setlist was pretty great. ZBB played so many of their singles, (notably "Chicken Fried", "Keep Me In Mind", and "Toes") and a good number of songs off their new album, which my friend had on in the car and is actually a pretty sweet disc.

But the thing impressed me the most was just the quality of music that the band played. I can't even describe in words the exceptional artistry that was exhibited by every single person on that stage last night. From Zac Brown to his backup singers to the the guest musicians he brought out, every time the camera panned to them you could see the passion they had for their craft. You could see how much they love what they are doing and it's so incredibly inspiring and awesome to see. The whole show was so well put together, and the energy of the crowd was right there with them the whole time. The lighting and background imagery was spot on, and really set off the whole show without distracting from the most important thing, the music.

These people are all ridiculously talented and it showed so hard. The multitude of instrents they played and how well they played them was insane, and the harmonies in each somg are beautiful to hear. During "I'll Be Your Man", the end turned into this ridiculous jam session of voices and it took me a few minutes to recover after the song ended because it was that good. Since music was the main focus, the band didn't really do too much talking, but unlike with some acts, it wasn't standoffish or awkward. It was just cool, like ZBB was all "we're here to play some darn good music for you guys" and the audience was like "yes pls". But when Zac and the band did talk, it was super chill and very sweet. He also put a song from their back catalogue in the setlist because a fan requested it on their birthday, which I thought was a really cool thing to do.

After intermission was when I really lost my shift though because they did a cover of the The Marshall Tucker Band's "Can't You See" and ended it with a jam session from heaven. Like it was literally so long but I did not care one bit. I don't know if y'all have ever had a religious moment listening to music but I had one right then. Man I had such a great time at that show and I would see those dudes again in a heartbeat. Another sweet perk was the venue we went to, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, which was actually where Woodstock was held. The scenery was blow-your-mind amazing, and the weather was perfect perfect. Like just take a look at these mountains though. Can you imagine that?

Have any of y'all seen ZBB in concert? What did you think?

xo, HB

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