Making Choices

I've always had a problem making decisions. From what to order at restaurants to what movie to watch on Netflix to everything in between, I've always been the one to waffle for hours and have a hard time choosing pretty much anything (except dessert). While those scenarios might not seem too major, there are definitely times when my indecision plays a major and sometimes negative role in my life. It's stalled me and kept me stagnant and kept me from doing so many things because I couldn't decide what to do or if I should do anything at all. And I've finally learned that doing nothing is so much worse than doing something, no matter what that something is. My indecision was born out of fear, and I can't let fear control me anymore. Sometimes you just have to jump.

After college, I was torn between moving to Los Angeles or Nashville, so I did neither. But if I had chosen one, who knows where I could be right now? Maybe I would have just performed at the VMAs. Maybe I would have been a guest on the 1989 World Tour. Big dreams, but you never know. But since I couldn't decide, I'm still in my hometown writing about my big dreams instead of living them. Hopefully, that's about to change.

That's right y'all - I'm moving to Nashville! Honestly it was just time and there were a few things that happened in my personal life that made me say "you need to do this now". I'm so nervous and very excited, but it still doesn't totally feel real. I mean honestly it will probably only feel real when I move into my apartment, which, by the way, I just sent in the application for and am freaking out about. Another choice - which apartment to choose. Is it a Libra thing or just me? Honestly it's crazytown in my brain right now. Am I going to like it? How am I going to make friends? Am I just another cliché? There are so many doubts but I just have to keep telling myself that it will all work out, and that everything happens for a reason. See? Told you I'm a cliché.

Stay tuned for all of my Nashville adventures! (Can't believe I just wrote that omg guyz this is happening!!!)

xo, HB


  1. Ahhhhhhh its on the blog so it must be true! I hope we aren't apart for too long :(

    1. Also, never making a comment using my blogspot again cause I forgot I actually had one and have now rediscovered my freshman year blogging project - its awful