JB's 'Purpose': Bieber Fever Returns

Just gonna be real with you guys- I did not plan on writing this post. I was not really a fan of "Believe" (except for "Beauty and a Beat," my jam 4eva), and after everything the Biebs has been doing the past few years I was not so into it. But SURPRISE: "Purpose" is actually pretty cool.

There's a nice mix of mellow, R&B tinged slow jams and more up-tempo, electronic numbers that aren't too ear-heavy on the electronics and let Bieber's voice, which as we may remember from his "With You" cover video way back in the day, is pretty good, do its thing.

The whole thing is very now, but not in a trying-too-hard-to-do-what's-on-the-radio type of way. Also the fact that one of the writers on this album is named Poo Bear just really makes me happy for some reason. "Purpose" is pretty intimate at times, and the fact that Bieber helped pen every one of its tracks is probably the reason why a fair amount is revealed about his life and the way he's been feeling. Tbh the dude has been really into sharing his feelings recently, which is cool, because the past few years have been a little rough for the Biebs.

My favorite part of this album might actually be the sounds behind Justin's vocals, which I also was totally not expecting. The production on "Purpose" is well done, which definitely takes the album to the next level because without the beats it has going on I'm not sure it would be as good as it is. Like it would be good, but the production takes the lyrics to a new place.

And for a few fleeting moments, dare I say this, I was kind of feeling a little bit of a Michael Jackson vibe. Like the focus on the inner feelings and the "what about the children" thing, and this sort of cool dance vibe that happens sometimes all give me a baby vision of something that might happen if MJ was in his 20's making music today. Idk how I feel about the fact that I just said that, like I kind of want to take it back but at the same time I don't. Idk.

Either way, "Purpose" is solid and I sincerely hope that the Biebs blesses us with some dance moves to go along with these tracks in the near future. <33

UPDATE: HE DID omg y'all "Purpose: The Movement" is here and it is insane like yes I was already obsessed with the girls from the "Sorry" video but now they are back and literally amazing I can't handle it. Seriously, go to YouTube right now and watch them do "No Sense"- there you go you have to now bc I just linked it for you. Along with the girls, there are also a bunch of fierce new dancers and since the Biebs released a video for every track on the album (hey Bey, Bieber sees you) there is so much awesomeness to watch. Seriously, get on it.

Favorites: "Sorry", "Love Yourself", "No Pressure", "The Feeling", "Get Used to It"

xo, HB

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