Little Mix Gets Weird, Stays Awesome

Listen up y'all: I have been waiting for this album since June when I heard the first four bars of "Black Magic" and now that it's here I have a lot of feelings.

Every single song that was released before the album was amaze, and part of me was like "all of these songs are so good is there going to be anything left for the actual album?" Like I was kind of freaking. And to be real with you, that's kind of what did happen, but only because the songs I heard prior to the album dropping ("Black Magic", "Love Me Like You", "Hair", "Weird People") turned out to be my favorite songs on the record. But there were definitely still new jams to discover, and I am super happy with Get Weird as a whole!

The first half of the album is my jam, since the other two songs in there ("Secret Love Song", "Grown") are my other faves. These songs are just so fun and they make me want to dance and I am loving them so hard. Straight up, "Weird People" is so good I dare you to listen to it and not dance. I am such a big fan of straight-up pop, and that's definitely what the first half is. The second half just didn't speak to me as much, but I'm not saying it won't speak to you, because that's what music is all about!

Also random but I am totally loving the fact that the Little Mix girls are Britney fans bc now I love them even more than before. Like if the fact that they had a hand in writing "Pretty Girls" wasn't enough, "OMG" proves that these girls are definitely on the Brittney train because "OMG" is as close to "Oops...I Did It Again" as anything I've heard. See: "Oh my gosh, I did it again/He said I broke his heart, it keeps happening." 

Hands down my favorite of the slow jams on this sucker are "Secret Love Song" (there are two parts). The first features Jason Derulo, and the second (deluxe version) is a more stripped down version that's actually really beautiful and I think I might prefer it out of the two. It's pretty much just the lyrics standing there and that's a powerful thing when a song can stand on its own without production like that.

I feel like this album is like a mashup of the Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, Meghan Trainor, and something that's just uniquely Little Mix. There's high wattage girl power, a little bit of doo-wop, some heart-on-my-sleeve moments, and a whole lot of sass, which makes for a pretty great combination, if you ask me. It's also kind of interesting that the regular the record is full of production and pop, but the deluxe tracks hang more with the girls doing some nice acapella and a whole lot of harmonies. Also I have a huge girl crush on Perrie Edwards and her voice is like butter. OK.

Favorites: "Black Magic" (duh), "Weird People", "Hair", "Grown"

Side note: If anyone knows if Little Mix is touring the United States please tell me and I'll love you forever. Until next time!

xo, HB

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