November Playlist

Let's be real- November is about to drop some seriously big albums and I am just itching to hear them. But until they arrive, here's what's tiding me over! Number one on this list is def "Perfect" bc I am obsessed with that song for many reasons, also the obvious addition ("Hello") that I'm sure you've heard already, and one of my new faves, "Hide Away" by Daya, which is a surprising jam. Also very much enjoying "Gibberish" and "Money" when I'm feeling like a party, which has weirdly been pretty often lately. And if you want to chill a little, pls listen to Jhene Aiko cover of a couple "Alice in Wonderland" songs off of the new Disney compilation album and prepare to be soothed like a baby with a bottle. See you soon for the album extravaganza!

xo, HB

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  1. I listen to Sorry about 6 times a day... no shame. Although his video for his newest song is kinda lame and makes me laugh when he runs around. I think the song is called I'm gonna show you or something like that.