A Quick Note About the Talent of JoJo

So a few weeks ago before I came home for Christmas, I went to a Nashville radio station's holiday concert featuring none other than one Joanna Levesque. Now I have been a fan of JoJo since I was in middle school and first saw the music video for "Leave (Get Out)," and I still sing a crackly version of "Too Little Too Late" in the shower to this day (seriously those whistle tones though!!). But I had never seen her in concert, and let me tell y'all I was missing out.

So after the DJ introduced her as the star of "Aquamarine," which I fully support, JoJo came out and pretty much immediately launched into the set of my dreams- read: "Leave" and "Too Little Too Late" right out of the gate. She called it a trip down memory lane and I was just so happy to be there peeps. Also I will say this multiple times but JoJo's voice is literally amazing. Tbh she sounded just as good if not better live than she does on her records.

And then, and THEN she performed her song "Boy Without a Heart" off of a mixtape she released in 2010 and omg y'all I wish I recorded a video so you could hear how absolutely ridiculous her vocals were. Like she straight killed that song and I was living for it. The passion and emotion were so clear and even though I had never heard the song before (oops) I could still feel it, and that's something I think is truly impressive. 

Also gotta take a minute to talk about girlfriend's stage presence because it was so there. So confident, so sassy, so amaze. Hand gestures, facial expressions, literally so much to love. She talked to the audience like we were her friends and now I want to be her best friend. Is that weird?

*also just want to side note that she took off her Christmas sweater at one point and girlfriend is rocking a serious set of abs that made me want to run straight to the gym.

Talk to y'all soon bc I have to go do my crunches!

xo, HB

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