March Playlist

Hey peeps! I'm back with some new jams for the month of March! Gonna start with a shoutout to Kacey Musgraves and Miguel, because their remix of "Waves" is my total jam right now. Like I alternatively want to take a nap and turn up to that song at the same time. I also have some words for Charli XCX's "Trophy," and those words are I don't even know how I feel about it as a song but I am just picturing all the insane dances that could be done to that beat and need to see them on YouTube ASAP. The same goes for "Work From Home," although I will admit that song is starting to grow on me (but if you want to talk about songs with "work" in the title, "Work Bitch" is the jam). Closing things out is Meghan Trainor's new one, "NO," which is basically me every time I go out. Preach it girl. Hope you all have a lucky month of March!

xo, HB

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