April Playlist

Guys I am literally obsessed with 'Dangerous Woman' like I am dying over this song. Also I just looked up the lyrics bc tbh I couldn't understand a lot of them but now I am shower-belting ready so watch out world. Secondly, 'Like I Would' is one of the highlights off of Zayn's aLBuM, which I have a lot of feelings about due to the AIM away message-like tracklist and the new pictures of him and Gigi that Vogue just unleashed on the world.

A fun time I had this month was that I got to go to Megan and Liz's EP release party for their new one, Deux, and 'Drive' is definitely my favorite bop off of that release. Perks of living in Nashville y'all!  On another note, I know you guys have probably been listening to Troye Sivan and Halsey for like months or whatever, but I'm not cool enough for that and have just been hearing them (shoutout to 107.5 The River for keeping me young). Digging them though. I am also really digging Maren Morris and am throwing her back on here as a PSA bc she has an absolutely excellent EP out that you should go listen literally right now.

I also want to note that I'm not always a fan of remakes, but this one of 'Fast Car' is pretty cool. It's obviously a complete 180 from the original and not even close to Tracy's version emotionally, but that's not always the point. And finally I just need you all to know that I am still listening to 'Purpose' on a regular basis, and that I completely approve of 'Company' as the new single but do not approve of JB's dreads. Happy April peeps!

xo, HB

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