Ariana Grande's 'Dangerous Woman'

Ever since I first heard "Dangerous Woman," I was dying for this album to come out, because I was hoping it would be full of songs that slayed me just like DW did. It isn't, but I guess I'll get over it, because not everything can be in 6/8 time and there are a few gems on here that are basically giving me life right now.

And I have to say, the more I listen to Dangerous Woman, the more I like it. It's very jammy, kind of in a JB Purpose way, and I'm not mad at it. The sound is kind of all over the place, but that's kind of okay, and it means there's definitely something for everyone.
I know I already talked about "Dangerous Woman" in a playlist post, but I'm just going to say again that I'm obsessed with that song and I'm even more obsessed with Ariana's female-empowerment thing she's working with the song and the album in general. Girl knows what she's talking about and I'm here for it.

I'm also here for "Into You," because that song is an absolute jam and one of my favorites on the album. I could literally listen to that song on repeat all day which may or may not be what I'm currently doing. Actually I'm switching between "Into You" and "Greedy," which I am also obsessed with just because it's so dang fun. I basically want this song playing wherever I go so I can dance to it at any time.

Another track I like is the Macy Gray-assisted "Leave Me Lonely," which has this eerie church vibe that I'm really digging. Macy's voice also adds something totally cool to the song, and gives it this extra layer of raspy soul. It's so R&B, and this is Ari's sweet spot. (I mean basically any time she gets to show off those pipes it's a sweet spot, so I'm not complaining bc I'm literally obsessed with her voice.)

All in all, Ariana's first album, Yours Truly, is still my favorite of hers, because the doo-wop vibe she rocked plus her insane voice made for a seriously amazing record. She does bring a little bit of that back on "Moonlight" though, which I appreciate because that song is beautiful. I especially love the last 30 seconds because the girl's acapella is freaking phenomenal. Fun fact: one of the first songs I heard her sing was her cover of "Love the Way You Lie" and it kiiiiind of blew me away so now I'm super partial to that acapella vibe. Trying to think of a Pitch Perfect aca-pun but I can't right now so bye!

Favorite tracks: "Dangerous Woman," "Into You," "Moonlight," "Greedy"

xo, HB

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