May Playlist

Had to shout out to the Purple One this month- U Got the Look, indeed. (If y'all aren't familiar with Prince's music, you should be.) Also crazy fun fact- a few months ago I saw one of the writers on "Gettin' In the Way" perform the song and loved it then, and now it's on Ripcord! Nashville, right? And since Mother's Day is coming up, I popped Meghan Trainor's 'Mom' on here bc 1. it's the best song from Thank You so far besides 'No' and 2. you should play this for your mom on Sunday bc yay for moms! (Mine's pretty great too, M Train.) Happy Mother's Day to all awesome moms and happy May to all y'all! Lots of anticipated (for me anyway) albums out this month...stay tuned!

xo, HB

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