Meghan Trainor's 'Thank You': The Bass is Back

Sophomore albums can be a tricky thing, because you have to change what you did on your first album but you maybe shouldn't change too much. It all depends on the particular artist, and on Thank You, my girl M-Train definitely dropped a whole new sound on us but managed to keep her signature vibe, ushering in a new era of empowerment that feels like a totally natural progression. And she brought the bass back, so I'm not complaining.

This album has much less of the 50's, doo-wop vibe that Meghan was so fond of on her first offering, Title, and instead opts for a much heavier dance-floor sound. Like I don't even know what "Dance Like Yo Daddy" means but that song is catchy as heck. I do have to say though that one of my favorite songs on the new record ("Mom") is one of the few that keeps that snappy, heavy-background vocal feel- it's just so cute!

Thank You is also literally packed with love-yourself (not the JB way) anthems, and it's clear that this is something Meghan is super passionate about- check that Photoshop moment that happened last week for the proof. The tracks have a serious dance feel, and I have no doubt some of them (aka "Woman Up") will be showing up in Instagram dance videos soon- someone please make this a thing!

Some spots that I also really like on here are the slow ones, because Meghan is really a killer songwriter and her ballads help her show that off in a different way. I also love that she brought the ukulele back, because we all need a uke-filled slow jam about a bro with commitment issues ("Just a Friend to You") in our lives.

Now I'm off to listen to "Champagne Problems" like the basic chick that I am bc that chorus just gets me.

See you next week for Fifth Harmony and Ariana Grande, y'all!

xo, HB

Favorite tracks: "NO," "Mom," "Me Too," "Champagne Problems"

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  1. I love "NO" so much its embarrassing, I sing it at the bar lol =]