CMA Fest 2016

Full disclosure here- I (sadly) did not attend the nightly concerts at Nissan Stadium. BUT I did walk around downtown a lot and take in some major free shows!
Since this was my first year living in Nashville, you might say that I was pretty excited about CMA Fest. Even though I didn't have stadium tickets, there are still a ridiculous amount of free shows that you can see that are straight up amazing, although tbh it almost felt like I actually went to the stadium concerts thanks to my peeps on Snapchat.

One thing I really liked was just the general atmosphere- like a giant group of people coming together because they love country music? Pretty neat if you ask me. Like everyone was just there to hang out and listen to some jams and have a great time. And honestly, it didn't even really matter what kind of music it was or who was playing, it was just awesome to hear everything that the musicians were putting out there and it was super inspiring as well.

In downtown Nashville, there's normally music everywhere, but never to the level of CMA Fest- I'm talking out on the streets, in every bar, and on multiple stages around Broadway and inside the convention center. It's kind of awesome to get out of your car and immediately hear someone singing thanks to speakers broadcasting their performance down the street. Another awesome bonus is that if you're a fan of pretty much anyone in country music, it's safe to say they were playing a show or holding a meet and greet at some point during the weekend.

I feel like the CMA Fest experience honestly depends on what you do- there are so many people to see and artists to hear- you can hear as little or as much music as you want! Another cool thing is that so many people do hold meet and greets to really connect with their fans (my friend met Florida Georgia Line and let's just say I'm slightly jealous), and I think that's so important! All in all, I had a wonderful first CMA Fest experience- but next year you better believe I'm getting to that stadium! Looking at you, Carrie Underwood <33

xo, HB

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