When Mom Comes to Town

Hi friends! My momma came to visit me this weekend and I wanted to share a little bit of her trip with you! This was her very first time to Nashville and it's safe to say she was excited, and I hope her trip lived up to her expectations! (I mean aside from meeting Blake Shelton, I'm pretty sure she had a great time.)

Since this was my mom's first trip to Nashville, we were all about the tourist life, which I definitely haven't been in a while. We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Grand Ole Opry, and the Opryland Hotel- if you ever visit Nashville, you *need* to see the atrium there! We also hit up Draper James (wish you were there, Reese!) and Sprinkles, bc everyone needs Sprinkles cupcakes in their lives. Broadway was also a must, and even though we didn't get tickets to a show at the Bluebird, just standing outside was enough for LB!

I have to say, the most I expected to get out of this trip was seeing my mom, which tbh would be enough for me, but after she left I realized I had actually gotten more than that. Over these past few months of living in Nashville, I've definitely become less of a tourist and maybe a little jaded, but going to all these places that I visited when I first came here made me realize how lucky I am to live in such a cool city. It kind of brought back the magic I felt when I first came here, when I felt like I could listen to musicians play on Broadway all night or sit at the Grand Ole Opry for hours as one amazing act after another came onstage to share their music. This city is so amazing in so many ways, and this weekend really helped me remember that.

So thanks, mom, for helping me find that magic again- I can't wait until you come back!

xo, HB

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