Daya's 'Sit Still Look Pretty'

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If you've read any of my (admittedly minimal) posts over the last few months, you may have picked up on the fact that I'm kind of girl crushing on Daya right now. So you can imagine my delight when homegirl dropped her very first album, Sit Still Look Pretty, a few weeks back (on my birthday, no less,) and I was pleased to find that it was a super excellent offering consistent with what I had previously heard from her, aka sassy electro-pop jams with a little bit of edge.

Daya's whole vibe is young, fun and a little dark, and this album is full of slick synth-pop that makes me feel like a moody teenager covered in glitter. Right off the bat Daya proves that she's her own person, with 'Dare' literally daring someone to question her. I'm seriously digging Daya's confidence and have a feeling lots of other peeps will too- we all need a song to make us feel seriously kick-ass once in a while, you know? 'Talk' also does this, and it's for sure one of my favorites here.

The production on this album is very slick, and there are a lot of cool and random sounds in there that give these songs a unique touch. There's also randomly a bit of reggae in the mix (did I hear a steel drum in there somewhere?), and there are definitely a few moments where Bob Marley meets Zedd- looking at you, 'Got the Feeling' and 'I.C.Y.M.I.'

I am also really digging the slow jams here, which are a nice mix between actual ballads ('Back to Me') and slow-synth gems ('Love of My Life,' 'Cool' and 'U12.')  While the production keeps most of these from being a total Adele-and-cry moment, they're still great quiet gems in their own way and really capture Daya's young vibe, in my opinion.

Overall, I feel like this album is very cohesive, and each song sounds different enough that they don't all read the same. Daya tackles multiple different subjects here, (although we all love songs about love bc feelings,) and every time I listen to this record I feel pretty darn great. Solid work, Daya- keep doing you, girl!

xo, HB

Favorites: "Talk," "Cool," "Thirsty"

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