December Playlist

Happy December! Can't even believe that this year will soon be over...although I know many of us aren't too mad about that tbh. As far as music goes, I'm kind of obsessed with some of the stuff I've been listening to this month, and I honestly haven't even gotten into Christmas music yet because these songs are so good. Highlights: "Guys My Age," "Trust Issues," "Illegal," "Versace On The Floor" and "Oops." Like I think I may be obsessed with Kehlani- her album drops in January and I seriously cannot wait.

Also, DNCE's new album is pretty jammin', and there are definitely some bops on there- also check out "Zoom" and "Unsweet." And I just want to note that Bruno Mars is insanely talented and you all need to listen to his new album at least one time through just to get the full experience of it and feel the major vibe it's giving. Like you listen to it and you are immediately immersed in this '70s funk-soul vibe, and it's kind of epic. Also, "Chunky" is my jam and I def cannot wait to see than happen live on the Victoria's Secret show. Happy holidays y'all!

xo, HB

Check the playlist here!

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