February Playlist

The month of luv is upon us y'all, and whether you've got a Valentine or not, we've got plenty of tunes to celebrate with that will make you want to either run around kissing people or cry into your ice cream. How great is music, right?

Sure, not all of these songs are actually happy love songs, but they're relationship-based and that's what counts. My favorite? "Body Like a Back Road." My boy Sam made us wait two years for new music, but let me tell ya, that wait was worth it. I may or may not have listened to this song on repeat for an entire day when it was released, and I may or may not be doing the same thing now bc I am slightly addicted to this song and will not be judged for it.

Also I just need to take a minute to talk about Julia Michaels, who is one of my songwriting idols (she's written on songs like "Sorry" and "Hands to Myself") and is really goals all around. Because of her ridiculous track record, I knew anything from her would be good, but y'all, "Issues" is great. That beat though! Someone choreograph a dance to this pls and thank you.

And if you, like myself, are feeling extra anti-Valentine's Day, click play on K.Flay and let your angst run wild. Bai!
xo, HB

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