Kehlani's 'SweetSexySavage'

It's that time y'all — SweetSexySavage is here!

Ever since I first heard Kehlani's 'Gangsta' on the Suicide Squad soundtrack, I've been kind of obsessed with her, and for good reason. She's just so cool and her songs have this vibe that makes me want to dance but also think about my life at the same time, and I think that's a pretty sweet thing. So naturally I was so stoked to listen to her first official full-length, and y'all, she did not let me down.

First off, I am here for this vibe. Kind of edgy, kind of smooth, it's very fresh and totally in line with what we're hearing today while also staying super unique to Kehlani. The entire LP is very self-reflecting, which is cool because it gives listeners an insight into Kehlani but also into themselves, bc I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to at least one song here, if not more.

I like that the album has several soft moments, but there are also plenty of times when Kehlani is a total badass and inspires me to want to be a more confident gurl. 'Do U Dirty?' Here for it. 'Too Much?' Girlfriend's attitude seeps through the speakers. Tbh though 'Get Like' is the cutest song on here, and it's kind of cool because it's such a contrast from Kehlani's bad-girl moments. I also love that she calls herself shy and awkward because aren't we all?? (Just me? K kewl.)

I have to say though, I'm a lil sad because Kehlani did that thing I dislike when she released the album's very best tracks before its release. Whenever this happens, I get so hyped about an album because the songs that preceded it were so bomb — 'CRZY,' 'Advice,' and 'Undercover,' in this case — but whenever those early releases are the best songs on the album overall, the rest of it feels like a tad bit of a letdown. I say tad in this case because there are multiple solid jams here, but it just so happens that the ones I heard first are the majority of my favorites.

Still, I am super psyched about this LP and can loop it all day no problem, which for me is the mark of a good album. I also am a big fan of dancing around my apartment to it like a freak, so that's cool too. High five Kehlani!

xo, HB

Favorites: 'Distraction,' 'Undercover,' 'Advice,' 'Get Like'

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