When Lady Gaga Slays the Super Bowl

Hello world!

I hope you've all recovered from your Super Bowl feasts — I myself am still stuffed full of mac 'n cheese — because it's time to talk Lady Gaga. Ever since Ms. Germanotta was announced as this year's Super Bowl performer, I knew we were in for something great. Heck, if you've ever seen Lady Gaga on stage at any point you would know the same. This woman is honestly so talented I kind of can't handle it, and her performance was serious pop perfection.

First, let's talk lewk — that makeup change though? Definitely want to try that sometime, although no word on how painful ripping rhinestones off your face actually is. Second, I want to steal her rhinestone boots and wear them at some point in my life when such footwear would actually be appropriate.

As far as the show goes, yes, the beginning was prerecorded, but the beginning of Michael Jackson's Super Bowl performance wasn't what it seemed and that was still totally epic. Also, the memes resulting from Gaga's jump are already giving me life, so no quibbles here. Obviously I'm always here for a powerful piano moment — hi, "Million Reasons" — but it was Gaga and her dancers who really sold it for me. When they all came together to jam to "Born This Way" and "Bad Romance," it was honestly such a moment and I was living for it.

I also love the fact that this performance really reminded me of how big of an impact Gaga made on the pop scene when she first started out, bc girlfriend ripped through hit after hit last night and all of them were bangers. And can we talk about how she ran this whole thing totally solo? I was convinced going into it that there would be no need for a guest performer here, and I'm glad to say I was right.

Peep the show below and re-live the fierceness with me!

xo, HB

Photo: Twitter / @KevinGagaloo

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