Thomas Rhett in Concert: The Man Can Dance

So this past Friday I had the opportunity to go see Thomas Rhett on his Home Team Tour, which was a show I had been wanting to go to for actual months. I am a major Kelsea Ballerini fan and TR has some serious jams up his sleeve (he can also make me feel feelings), so I was super super pumped to see these two do their thing.

First I must say, Kelsea's voice sounded phenomenal, and if I didn't know better I would say she wasn't singing live because she sounded so close to her records. I definitely picked up a major Taylor Swift vibe in the way she interacted with the audience, which is 100 percent not a bad thing, and she was just too sweet but also totally fierce at the same time.

Let's get to Thomas — the boy can dance! It's clear he takes some major inspiration from Bruno Mars, as evidenced by the cover of "24K Magic" he closed the show with, and that inspiration paid off with some seriously entertaining dance moments. Rhett and his band executed some smooth moves that were not unlike those performed by Bruno and his guys, and the entire audience was into it.

He also brought his dad, Rhett Akins, onto the acoustic stage for a bit, which was a sweet moment because of the clear admiration TR has for his dad, but also awesome because Rhett has had a hand in writing so many country hits and it's honestly inspiring.

Also I just want to note that when Thomas talked about his wife Lauren on stage I got emotional and I'm not even embarrassed about it bc those two are literally the freaking cutest.

All in all, the show was phenom and I'm super happy I was able to go. And also I can't wait for Kelsea's new album because she sang a new song ("Roses") and I need that ish now kthxbai.

xo, HB

Side note: my iPhone 6s and I apologize for this terrible photo quality.

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