May Playlist

It's May! Which means it's almost summer! Excuse me while I dust off my pasty legs and run out to the pool.

As far as music goes this month, I am digging this selection, starting off with bae Niall Horan and his new jam, "Slow Hands." So many levels of yes here and I am all about it. Next up is my girl Dua Lipa and her new banger feat. Miguel, which makes me want to close my eyes in a crowded club and sway around a lil, which honestly doesn't sound super fun right now but that's the feeling I get.

The closer to summer we get the more country I play, so we've got a couple up in here this month that I'm all about. My friend recently played this Seth Ennis song and I was instantly obsessed with it, and I also recently saw Sammy Arriaga play a show and seriously cannot say enough good things.

In other news, I am still a Shawn Mendes fangirl, and John Mayer actually made me emotional the first time I heard "In the Blood." Can't wait to see those two in concert this summer!

As usual, peep the playlist below <33

xo, HB

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