Kesha's 'Rainbow'

Tbh I had no idea what to expect from Kesha's new album, Rainbow. Would it be an album of emotional ballads addressing her Dr. Luke drama like 'Praying?' A callback to her previous electro-pop sound? A new, country-fied version of the singer √† la Gaga on Joanne? A trippy space odyssey? Frankly, it's kind of all four.

Obviously, Kesha couldn't put out an album featuring lyrical insight into who she is as a person without touching on the legal drama she's undergone over the past few years, although K's inspirational power ballads aren't quite my jam here. However, I am absolutely down for the rest of this album, which bypasses Dr. Luke for a look at the kind of artist Kesha really wants to be — a singer-songwriter with multiple musical sensibilities who can make you feel something just as easily as she can make you dance.

And make you dance she can — 'Let 'Em Talk,' one of my personal favorite tracks on Rainbow, is easily a highlight, and is so quintessentially Kesha in that it makes you want to bop around like you're at a party and also delivers a killer message to just be you. The Eagles Of Death Metal assist doesn't hurt either, and their other contribution to the album is also a major banger.

Listening to 'Boogie Feet,' with its claps and guitars combined with Kesha's conversational vocal delivery, I immediately got the sense that despite any of Dr. Luke's previously influence, Kesha's pop sound was always under her control and is still a huge part of who she is as an artist. The difference is that now, she can wield it however she wants.

I am also seriously here for country Kesha, who provides two of my other favorite tracks — 'Boots' and 'Hunt You Down,' and is basically what would happen if you put a cowgirl on a motorcycle and handed her a glitter gun. Like, listening to 'Boots' made me want to buy a pair of rhinestoned cowboy boots and listening to 'Hunt You Down' made me want to buy the matching hat. I also really love the duet with Dolly Parton, because Dolly always makes everything better.

The most random song included on the LP is definitely 'Godzilla,' which has some of the weirdest lyrical content on the entire album but is also possibly the cutest song on offer. It's an odd little ode to falling in love that just makes me smile and that's never a bad thing. V Kesha, v cute. Way to go, girl!

xo, HB

Favorites: 'Let 'Em Talk,' 'Hunt You Down, 'Boots'

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  1. you are so amazing. kesha is so amazing. i love you both =]