October Playlist

Hello all! Cannot believe it's already October — aka my birthday month, and yes I do feel old — but this month's playlist is so good and sparkly that I can't wait to share it! First things first, if you're a country fan, listen to Runaway June's 'Wild West' literally ASAP, because that song is seriously gr8. I love it,  you love it, we all love it.

As I expected, Thomas Rhett's new album is excellent, and 'Marry Me' is one of my favorite songs from the record. I have to say, I thought the song was going in one direction and then it totally got me, and I always think that's really cool when writers can switch it up on you like that.

As far as pop, 'Generous' is a serious bop and probably the strongest song I've heard from Olivia to date, 'Hitchhiker' is easily one of the best songs from Demi's new album and I am very here for the new Kelly Clarkson era. Also, FGL's pop collaborations have been fire lately — go listen to 'Meant to Be' with Bebe Rexha if you haven't like, right now.

Tbh, I realize this playlist is long (although not as long as Taylor Swift's banger of a Spotify playlist), but every song is pretty fantastic so you should really listen to them all. Happy October!

xo, HB

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  1. Hi, miss you, followed your spotify playlist, did i say i miss you? ok baiiii